how does in-chair teeth whitening work

How Does In Chair Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening is a long established dental practice, and it continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures around. The reasons for its popularity are obvious.  White teeth give off an impression of health, youth, glamour and hygiene. On the other hand, yellowed and brown teeth can often give an impression of

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difference between normal and all on 4 dental implants

The Difference Between Normal and All on 4 Implants

The continual advancements in dental implant technology have made them a fantastic alternative to the daunting prospect of having to lose teeth. Losing teeth presents all sorts of challenges. On an aesthetic level, a missing tooth can really affect how your smile looks. On a functional level, a missing tooth places increased pressure on remaining

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Is a Root Canal Painful?

A root canal is probably the dental treatment that evokes nightmares in anyone that is afraid of the dentist. For some reason, root canal treatment has attracted incredibly negative connotations and is viewed as being up there with the most horrible dental treatment that could ever be inflicted on you. Before we decide whether this

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how teeth whitening works

How to Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone wants pearly whites. A mouth full of gleaming white teeth is so often perceived as a symbol of vitality and glamour. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that having white teeth isn’t a marker of physical health, and it certainly isn’t a sign of good dental health. Unfortunately, only a select

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Smiling Woman Tooth Wear

The Impact of Tooth Wear and Tooth Erosion

Many people are unaware that our bodies (and all the living tissues that make up our bodies) are in a constant state of break downing and rejuvenating. The process of growth actually occurs when rejuvenation exceeds breakdown. So, from adolescence to adulthood or the point where we reach our maximum maturity, our muscles, tissues and

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Mouth and white teeth

Teeth Whitening: At-Home Versus In-Chair

More and more people are looking into having their teeth whitened, mainly because of the myriad benefits that whitening your teeth has to offer. White teeth aren’t necessarily a sign of good oral health, or perfect oral-hygiene practice. In fact, it doesn’t matter how fastidious you are about your dental hygiene when it comes to

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Dental Implant Procedure

What Is Involved in a Tooth Implant Procedure

Dental implants are a fantastic option for those people who have been unlucky enough to lose a tooth, either through age, trauma or decay. Dental implants are both a cosmetic and an oral health treatment option as they solve the issue of a missing tooth whilst helping retain the overall integrity of the other teeth.

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Mercury versus Composite Fillings - Woman and Dentist

Differences Between Mercury Fillings and Composite Fillings

Most people at some point in their lives will need a filling. Fillings are used to restore the structure of teeth after they have been compromised by decay. If decay is left untreated, it erodes away at the tooth, creating holes and cracks. If the decay progresses too far, the tooth may often need root

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woman sleeping

What is Sleep Dentistry?

For some of us, nothing conjures up fear and panic quite like the thought of a trip to the dentist. The smell of the waiting room, the sound of the drill, the sight of the chair can be enough to trigger a deep-seated phobia that may be the result of a bad experience as a

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