Can You Tell Which Teeth Have Veneers?

close up of teeth veneers

This case is now 4 years post op and the patient had 6 veneers placed, can you tell which teeth? It’s not easy is it?

Some people are reluctant to have cosmetic dentistry (whether crowns or veneers) because they have seen some people with “bad” cases that stick out like a sore thumb and conclude that ALL veneers and crowns look bad, but this is furthest from the truth and my photo can testify to this. If the case is well planned, the shade well selected and the use of a top ceramic laboratory (as I do), then its almost always impossible to tell the difference between the natural teeth and teeth that have had veneers or crowns placed.

OK I’ll tell you – its the upper front six teeth that have the veneers (and still going strong), were you right?