Teeth Whitening

White teeth are a portrait of good health and vitality. If you aren’t happy with the colour of your teeth, then Dr George Olstein’s teeth whitening services could be perfect for you.

Teeth Whitening

A long-established procedure within cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening is performed regularly at our Prahran dental surgery. The whole objective of this procedure is to lighten the colour your teeth internally. It is often used where teeth have started to discolour due to age, or even due to consumption of food and drinks that are prone to staining your teeth. These types of food and drinks include things like coffee, red wine, and cola flavoured drinks. Excessive fluoride or consumption of some antibiotics can also cause teeth to discolour.

All professional whitening systems rely upon the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. This ingredient is completely safe, and has been used for quite a number of years to treat teeth, as well as gums and other soft tissue. When Hydrogen peroxide breaks down, it causes oxygen to enter the enamel and dentine of your teeth, bleaching any coloured substances within your tooth as it does so. All this occurs without changing the structure or integrity of your tooth.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Here at Dr George Olstein’s dental surgery, we offer two types of professional tooth whitening:

  • In-chair Whitening: if you opt for this type of treatment, then Dr Olstein will apply a gel to the surface of your teeth. This gel contains the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Once this has been applied, Dr Olstein will then use a bright laser to activate the gel. This process will take approximately one hour to complete and the results will be almost immediate. Depending on the extent of discolouration to your teeth, Dr Olstein may recommend that you follow-up your in-chair whitening with home whitening.
  • Home Whitening: as the name suggests, this type of procedure can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. You will need to wear custom-fitted trays (which are a bit like a thin mouthguard) in which whitening gel is placed. These trays will need to be left in overnight for a specified period of time. Home whitening results are not immediate (as in-chair whitening is). In fact, home whitening can take one to two weeks, or even longer if you are attempting to remove heavy discolouration.

What to Expect

Following professional whitening, your teeth will be obviously be lighter. However, to ensure that your teeth look their best long-term, you may need some occasional applications of home whitening. You should expect to carry these out every 12 months to two years – Dr George Olstein will be able to give you advice on when this is required.

It is important to keep in mind that the degree of whitening that your teeth can achieve will depend on a whole variety of factors. As such, it is almost impossible for Dr Olstein to predict just how white a shade of white your teeth will be.

A very small number of patients’ teeth will not respond to whitening, or this procedure may not suitable. If this is the case, Dr Olstein may recommend other treatments, such as composite bonding or porcelain veneers, to improve the colour of your teeth.

While tooth whitening is completely safe, there are some (very normal) side effects that can be experienced. One of these is tooth sensitivity during treatment. This generally resolves itself as soon as the procedure is finished. A very small proportion of patients may also experience short-term gum irritation.

While cheap whitening kits are readily available from supermarkets and chemists, there are some important factors to consider before using these. Some of these kits rely upon the same active ingredient as professional whitening (hydrogen peroxide), but at a much lower level. As such, these kits can months to have even the smallest effect.

Other kits are merely abrasives that remove external tooth staining, rather than lightening the internal tooth colour. Not only are these kits not good value for money, they can actually damage your teeth. When it comes to dental hygiene, it is always safer to seek professional advice.

Why Visit Dr George Olstein

  • Expertise and Experience: Dr Olstein has worked in the dental industry for more than 30 years. He has seen everything before and always knows the solution.
  • Warm Environment: We are aware of the anxiety and fear that can be associated with a trip to the dentists. We have made an effort to understand these feeling and create an environment that seeks to allay these fears and make your appointment more comfortable.
  • Individual Treatment Plan: Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs, which will only be formulated after a thorough examination.
  • Friendly Staff: We have created our team to ensure that they are experts in people as well as teeth. We are passionate about helping people and providing them with the best possible care during their time with us.

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