How to Improve Your Smile

What is a smile? It’s so much more than just a flash of teeth. It is often a window into your personality. We are naturally drawn to smiley people, which is why the confidence to flash those teeth is so important.

Improving your smile is a way to improve aspects of your life. You’ll feel more comfortable in social situations, so your personal relationships will blossom. You’ll feel more confident at work, so your professional life will blossom. And, most importantly, you’ll feel more confident in yourself.

Here’s how you can improve your smile!


Introducing the Full Smile Makeover

We’re all born with the smile we have. The shape and shade of our teeth are heavily influenced by genetics, so a bit of dental intervention is required to give you that A-list gleam. Luckily, modern dentistry can achieve a lot when it comes to your smile! Here’s are some techniques you should turn to:

  • Teeth Whitening: This is the most common smile makeover treatment. Modern technology has made it incredibly effective, and whether you opt for the at-home or in-chair treatment, you can expect results. The hydrogen peroxide bleaches your teeth several shades lighter, and with maintenance, you can keep up the effect. Everyone wants bright, shiny teeth and it is achievable. Please check with your dentist to confirm you are a good candidate for this procedure.
  • Porcelain Veneers: If you have chipped, misshapen or gappy teeth, veneers are perfect for you. The thin slivers of porcelain are shaped and affixed to your teeth to give them a uniform, flawless look. They are also the perfect option for people struggling with discoloured teeth. Trauma can grey or blacken teeth, and often this type of discolouration won’t respond to whitening. The white slivers cover up any stains, and you enjoy perfect teeth!
  • Dental Crowns: Crowns are a popular option for teeth that have been cracked or damaged. They match the rest of your teeth, and can even be used to cover up misshapen teeth that are dragging down the aesthetic of your smile. If you opt for a CEREC crown, you can also have one shaped and fitted in just one appointment.
  • Dental Implants: Replacing missing teeth is an obvious way to improve your smile. In fact, by replacing missing teeth you aren’t just addressing an aesthetic issue, you are also saving the rest of your teeth from excess force. If you are missing a number of teeth, or you’re remaining teeth are in a poor state, you should consider All on 4. These are a permanent form of dentures, and they don’t require as much bone density as traditional implants.

Digital Smile Design

If you’re going to improve your smile, it’s good to have an idea of what you can expect following treatment. There’s no denying that cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, so you need to have a clear idea of what your investment will provide.

A digital smile design offers a glimpse into the future. Your dentist will take a photo, and then use software to alter that photo based on the treatments you have requested. So, you’ll see what you look like with straight teeth or white teeth, and you can make the decision from there.

The Benefits of Improving Your Smile

There are so many benefits to improving your smile, here’s just a few:

  • Improve Your Mouth: Many cosmetic treatments, like implants and crowns, are actually beneficial for the structure of your mouth and your bite. If teeth are uneven, or you’re missing some teeth the force of chewing food isn’t focused evenly. This can cause many problems, ranging from jaw pain and headaches, all the way through to excess teeth loss.
  • Save Money: The longer you wait to improve your smile, the more it will cost. Replacing one tooth can save the rest, and having a crown placed on one tooth will keep you from having to replace it altogether. It’s all about investing in the future.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you, just remember that you deserve to feel and look your best. Improve your smile to improve your life!

To Our Valued Patients

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