It’s Dental Health Week: How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?

This year, Dental Health Week runs from 5 to 11 August, with the theme: How’s your oral health tracking? That means there’s no better time to ensure that you are on top of your dental health and oral hygiene. We know it can be easy to fall off the wagon, but this week, take the time to check on your teeth, gums, and general dental health.

To celebrate, Dr Olstein has put together a fantastic offer. During Dental Health Week, you can take advantage of our teeth whitening package at a hugely discounted rate. You’ll receive in-chair whitening and a take-home whitening kit, including custom whitening guards, for just $500—saving you $300 on the usual price.

Please note: all patients will require an initial, no obligation assessment with the dentist to make sure that you are a good candidate for Zoom teeth whitening. Terms and conditions apply.

What is Dental Health Week?

Dental Health Week runs throughout the first full week of August, and was initiated by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). It’s essentially a campaign promoting oral health by educating people in Australia about how important maintaining good oral health throughout their lives is. Visiting the dentist every six months is all well and good, but to maintain optimum dental health you need to ensure you are taking care of your dental health in your own time as well. This is why Dental Health Week is such an important fixture on the ADA’s calendar.

The ADA has found that only 51% of adults in Australia brush their teeth twice a day, and 47.8% consume an excessive amount of sugar. With these figures in mind, the ADA is focused on reminding Australians that they are responsible for their oral health, and why oral health is important.

Why Is It Important?

These figures about brushing and the consumption of sugar in Australia are just the beginning. Evidence has shown that establishing good dental health routines for your children at a young age will help them continue exercising similar routines into adulthood. Many children grow up to anxious, and even afraid, to visit the dentist, which hinders their willingness to take care of their oral hygiene. We recommend using positive reinforcement with your children at the dentist, and also making an effort to make brushing fun at home.

Many people also believe that brushing your teeth twice a day is all that needs to be done when it comes to maintaining your dental health. While this is great, it is not the be all and end all when it comes to oral hygiene. Flossing and diet are also key aspects that many people forget. Nearly half of the surface area of your teeth lies between them so brushing does not solely clean your teeth effectively.

What we eat and drink also play a major role in tooth decay, as sugars in certain foods create bacteria and produce acids that attack the outer layer of tooth enamel to cause decay. The saliva in our mouths typically help our teeth recover, but snacking in between meals can prevent our teeth from undergoing this recovery process.

What Can You Do?

Don’t let these facts set you astray, making dental care a key fixture in your daily routine isn’t difficult at all. The first thing you can do to benefit your dental health is to educate yourself, and seeing as you’re reading this blog post it would seem as if you’re already at this step.

The second thing you can do to benefit your overall oral hygiene is to book a visit to see Dr Olstein. Not only will Dr Olstein or one of our experienced, professional staff members perform a general check-up to ensure that your dental health is up to scratch, but we can help you come up with a dental care plan that is sustainable for your daily life.

To maintain your oral hygiene on a day to day basis, ensure that you are doing the following:

  • Brush your teeth twice every day, preferably with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Use floss to clean in between your teeth at least once a day.
  • Ensure you are eating a nutritious diet that consists of no more than six teaspoons of sugar each day.
  • Visit Dr Olstein for regular check-ups, at least every six months.

Oral Health Tracker

The ADA is using Oral Health Tracker this year as a platform to draw awareness towards oral health in Australia on a greater scale. ‘The Tracker’ as the ADA refers to it as, acts as a kind of national report card illuminating improvements that need to be made in the area of oral health and highlighting the oral health status of the entire country.

This tracker shows a set of targets and indicators of progress that the ADA hopes to use to improve the state of oral health in Australia and, hopefully, manage chronic diseases associated with oral health better over time.

To kick-start your journey to optimum oral health, book an appointment with Dr Olstein today. Or, if you want to learn more about Dental Health Week, simply contact us on 03 9510 1644, or visit us at 2/684 Malvern Road, Prahran.

To Our Valued Patients

Dr George Olstein takes the health of his patients and employees very seriously. Due to COVID-19, we understand there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty regarding the situation at the moment. We are being consistently updated from the Australian Dental Association and DHHS in Victoria with regards to any changes in practice from a health and hygiene perspective.

Dr George Olstein is monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and are listening carefully to the questions and concerns we receive from our patients.

We would like to reassure our people, patients and the broader community that Dr George Olstein has always had, do and will continue to have exceptional clinical standards. We are highly commended for our robust policies and procedures, particularly around infection control including hand Hygiene.

The recent events associated with Coronavirus have seen Dr George Olstein develop an additional comprehensive policy specifically considering the virus, which has been adopted by all our team.

This includes but not limited to;

  • Avoid handshaking, hugging and kissing.
  • Please use the provided antimicrobial hand rub before entering the clinic and before leaving the clinic.
  • Please be aware that we will be conducting regular disinfection of the surfaces at the reception, waiting areas, water station, washroom and the entry doors.
  • Similarly, we are also working closely with our business partners to guarantee the continued supply of masks, gloves and other infection control items.

We consider you part of the Dr George Olstein family and your safety, together with that of our team’s, remains our highest priority.

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit and will continue to update you on any further developments.

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