Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are many reasons patients need a full mouth reconstruction. Reconstruction is used to fix missing or worn down teeth, tooth deterioration or even failed, old restorations. Of course, it may just be to improve your overall smile.

A gleaming smile helps you light up photos, approach social situations with ease and be your best every day. If your smile has suffered, or you feel it could be better, why not visit Dr George Olstein’s surgery?

full mouth reconstruction man smiling

Our full mouth restoration treatments offer you the full suite of dental procedures. Dr Olstein has over 30 years of experience in reconstructive dentistry. That’s knowledge you can trust.

Thanks to Dr George Olstein you can also get the smile you’ve always wanted, not the smile you were born with. If you wish to correct cosmetic problems, like discoloured or crooked teeth, or problems caused by ageing, you can!

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

With our cosmetic dentistry treatments, you can return to a full, gleaming smile in no time.

No matter what problem you present with we can design a mouth reconstruction treatment to suit your needs. Whether your teeth have become stained, cracked, are misshapen or are missing we can completely reconstruct your smile.

The first step in the full mouth reconstruction is a consultation with you. This allows us to check your smile and get an understanding of the kind of improvement you want. A vital aspect of the consultation period is the use of our digital smile design technology; this gives you a glimpse of what your new smile will look like after treatment.

After we have set out your goals, we can start creating a treatment plan that will take you to your new smile.

Why Visit Dr George Olstein?

  • Experience You Can Trust: A full mouth reconstruction requires a combination of skill and creativity, this can only come about as a result of experience, and after 30 years in the industry Dr Olstein knows how to create the types of treatment plans that get results.
  • Warm Environment: Our surgery is designed to make you feel at home. From the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out you will feel as though you are in good hands.
  • A Treatment Plan for You: Every patient’s needs are different, and that’s why we place so much emphasis on the consultation process. A full mouth reconstruction isn’t about us forcing a vision on to you; instead, it’s about you communicating your desires while we come up with a tailored plan.
  • Groundbreaking Techniques: Our team is always on the lookout for new forms of technology. This technology helps us to give you the best treatment, and it can also help us to allay your fears about dental procedures by giving you the option of sleep dentistry.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Book An Appointment Today

If you want to reconstruct your mouth or reinvigorate your smile contact us today on 03 9510 1644 to make an appointment for full mouth reconstruction Melbourne. You’ll be greeted by our friendly team who can answer any questions or queries you may have.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to complete our easy online booking request form.

To Our Valued Patients

After more than 45 years in dentistry, Dr George Olstein has decided to retire at the end of December 2021 so no more new patient appointments for sleep dentistry will be offered after the end of November 2021.The dental surgery will continue to operate, so if you have any questions then please – click here to contact us.