Improving Your Smile

Are you delighted with your smile? Do you find yourself hiding your teeth or cringing when you look at photos? Everyone wants the perfect smile, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have been born with one. But, did you know you can improve your smile?

Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Thanks to Dr George Olstein you can get the smile you’ve always wanted, not the smile you were born with. Whether you want to correct cosmetic problems, such as discoloured or crooked teeth, or even remedy problems that might have developed slowly over time (such as a gummy or crooked smile, chipped, worn, or cracked teeth), Dr Olstein has a solution for you.

Our expert team will be able to craft a new grin for you, one that is rejuvenated and looks completely natural.

The first step in enhancing your smile is an in-depth consultation. Dr Olstein will have a detailed conversation with you to discover your objectives when it comes to your smile. It’s all about understanding how you want your smile to look once your treatment is complete. Once we understand this, we can put the steps in place to get you there.

We craft your smile restoration plan around your specific goals and needs. Our chief aim is to ensure you leave our surgery with absolute confidence in your new smile.

So, book an appointment at our Melbourne dental surgery. You’ll be amazed at what a new smile can do for you.

Why Visit Dr George Olstein?

  • Knowledge Built on Experience: If you want to improve your the shape of your smile, there’s no one you can trust like Dr Olstein. With over 30 years experience in smile improvement techniques, there is nothing he hasn’t seen and mostly nothing you can’t achieve.
  • Safe Environment: We understand that coming in for smile improvement is a big deal for our patients. We want you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed the entire time.
  • Smile Improvement Designed For You: We tailor a smile rejuvenation plan specifically for your needs, based on our thorough consultation with you. The team at Dr Olstein’s dental surgery treats each and every patient as the unique individual that they are and takes pride in helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams.
  • Revolutionary Techniques: Our team places emphasis on staying ahead of the latest in technology. That includes our focus on sleep dentistry, which allows even the most fearful patients to get the treatment they want without having to go through the debilitating phobia that accompanies it.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Book An Appointment Today

If you want to improve your smile contact us today on 03 9510 1644 to make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry Melbourne. Our friendly team is waiting for your call, and is always happy to help. Alternatively, you’re welcome to complete our easy online booking request form.