Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are structures used between two or more crowns to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is a fantastic way to restore the loss of function and aesthetic after a tooth falls out.

A traditional fixed bridge is most common. This involves the creation of a crown for the teeth on either side of the missing tooth and placing a pontic (replacement tooth) in between. A Cantilever bridge is perfect when there is only one adjacent tooth on one side of the missing tooth. A Maryland bonded bridge has metal extensions from the pontic that bonds to the neighbouring teeth.

dental bridges

What is Involved in a Dental Bridge

The fitting of a dental bridge typically involves multiple treatments. An example of a dental bridge treatment would run as follows:

  • First Appointment: We prepare the surfaces of your teeth for bonding. This involves reshaping the teeth and removing some of the surface enamel so that the crowns will fit. An impression will also be taken of the teeth so the dental lab can prepare an accurate reproduction of the prepared teeth. We install a temporary bridge so you can enjoy a natural smile in between appointments.
  • Second Appointment: During the second appointment, we remove the temporary bridge, and fit the permanent one. It will then be carefully adjusted to achieve the perfect fit and bite.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Follow-up appointments may be required to make slight adjustments to the bite.

What Issues Does A Dental Bridge Treat?

Dental bridges treat a range of issues. They can address cosmetic improvements and ward off oral health risks:

  • Health: Replacing a missing tooth is an aesthetic as well as a health issue. Missing teeth increase the risk of gum disease as the neighbouring teeth become more tilted, they become more difficult to clean. Having gaps in your mouth also allows for teeth to move which can impact on your bite and create problems in your jaw joint and facial muscles.
  • Function: Missing teeth impact on the function of your mouth. Having a full set of teeth allows the force of the bite to be distributed evenly across your mouth and ensure that jaws remain correctly aligned.
  • Aesthetics: Teeth play an essential role in creating a facial structure so missing teeth can impact on your outward aesthetic. Missing teeth can also impact on your confidence in your smile making you feel less comfortable in social situations and stopping you from being the best you can be.

Why Visit Dr George Olstein?

  • Depth of Experience: With 30 years in the dental industry Dr Olstein has seen and treated all types of dental problems. You can rest assured that you will get the best in dental bridge treatment.
  • Comfortable Environment: We have worked hard to create an environment that makes our patients feel safe and comfortable. We will do everything you can to make your trip to the dentist a positive one.
  • Personalised Treatment: We tailor your dental bridge treatment plan to your specific needs. You’ll get the bridge you want and need.
  • Friendly Team: Our entire team has been hand-picked to ensure their bed manner is as good as their dental skills. They’re always there to answer any questions and allay any fears you may have.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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