Repairing Teeth

Dr George Olstein is an expert in all dentistry techniques, including teeth repair. He provides a completely tailored service, something suited to your needs and goals. Whether your teeth are chipped, broken, cracked, or losing enamel, he has the answers.

Treatments to Repair Your Teeth

Dr Olstein will take care of the full breadth of your treatment. As a result, he will diagnose the problem and create the treatment plan you need to restore your teeth. Dr Olstein designs treatment plans to address your needs and get them back to full function.

And, with Dr George Olstein’s experience in sleep dentistry, you enjoy the restorative benefits of all of these pain and stress-free treatment. That translates to a wonderful, restful sleep and wholly repaired teeth.

 Why Visit Dr George Olstein?

  • Expertise and Experience: 30 years of experience means that Dr Olstein is an expert in all types of tooth reparative work. His team are experts and fix all problems, no matter how complicated.
  • No Fear Environment: We understand how stressful visiting the dentist can be. So, we emphasise understanding our patient’s fears, anxieties and phobias, so we can put steps in place to alleviate these pressures. You can trust us to give you a positive dental experience. There’s also no need to fear our prices because we’ve created an affordable pricing structure so everyone can get the tooth repairs they need.
  • Individual Treatment Plans: Every tooth, gum and person is different. Therefore, you won’t find any generic treatment plans at Dr Olstein’s surgery. We always base your tooth repair plan on factors like your age and how comfortable you are at the dentist. You’ll only get the repair work you need. We will never ask you to pay for any treatments that you don’t need.
  • Warm Environment: Part of creating a no fear environment is making you feel comfortable in communicating your fears and concerns with our team. Each member of our team is friendly and approachable and will always be happy to assist you with any queries you might have.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

How To Get Your Teeth Repaired at Dr Olstein’s Surgery

If you’d like to book an appointment at our Prahran dental surgery, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 03 9510 1644 or book an appointment online.