Calculus and Plaque Removal

Calculus, or tartar, deposits on teeth are a serious health concern. The deposit is a result of hardened and yellowed plaque that becomes the perfect surface for attracting food, debris and bacteria. These substances are incredibly damaging for tooth and gum health.

Perhaps the most pressing concern is periodontal disease. If calculus covers the gum line, it’s impossible to remove plaque, and your gums become infected and swollen with bacteria. As a result, you’re left looking at gum disease that is harder to treat as it progresses.

Before and after removal of calculus

Calculus cannot be brushed away. You need the expertise of a dentist or dental hygienist to remove it.

Plaque and Calculus Removal Procedure

Scaling removes calculus. Scaling uses an ultrasonic instrument to gently chip the calculus away and leave the tooth smooth.

If the calculus moves below the gum line, a different technique is used to remove the plaque. Dr Olstein uses root planing to remove the plaque from the roots of the teeth.

We conduct the scaling and root planing procedure simultaneously. You will need several appointments for serious cases.

Causes of Plaque and Calculus Buildup on Teeth

Bacteria and associated substances create plaque. With diligence, you can brush this sticky, film-like substance away. However, it turns into calculus if left too long. As mentioned above, the rough surface attracts food particles meaning teeth are subjected to further contact with harmful debris and bacteria.

How to Avoid Calculus Build-Up

A good oral health regime is the best way to avoid calculus build up and periodontal disease. This entails:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Visiting your dentist twice a year for a professional clean

Visiting us twice a year is essential. It’s not only a chance to perform a professional clean, but it’s also a chance to check on your overall oral health. If we intervene early, we can save you from many serious dental problems and potentially painful procedures.

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