Dental X-Ray

Dental x-rays give Dr Olstein a clear picture of the internal health of your teeth, gums and mouth. Dr Olstein uses digital x-rays which use minimal levels of radiation to create an image of the interior of teeth and gums. This is essential in identifying problems such as decay, bone loss or abscesses.

dental x-ray

When Will a Dental X-Ray Be Used?

Dr Olstein uses this tool for many purposes:

  • To diagnose a particular problem, or:
  • If you’re visiting us for the first time, we will likely take some x-rays as part of your general dental check-up.

The following factors decide on the suitability of an x-ray during your visit:

  • Age
  • Oral health
  • History of symptoms of oral disease
  • History of gum disease

What Happens During a Dental X-Ray

The entire process is incredibly simple and completely painless. Actually, all you have to do is either sit or stand while we position the machine. In a few minutes, all the pictures will be taken and available for viewing.

The amount of radiation used during a dental x-ray is so small that there is no danger and even less with digital x-rays. In fact, estimates point out that the amount of radiation received during an appointment is the same as you would experience going for a walk.

Why Visit Dr Olstein?

  • Your Comfort is Our First-Priority: we understand that people find visits to the dentist confronting. Even if the treatment is straightforward and painless, you may be harbouring concerns. As a result, we ensure you feel comfortable the entire time by attending to your concerns and putting measures in place to allay your fears. It’s all about making your trip to the dentist a positive experience.
  • Experience you can rely on: you can’t beat 30-years of experience, and that’s why Dr George Olstein is the first choice for people looking for a dentist they can rely on.
  • We design custom treatment plans: no patient is the same, and no dental problem is the same. Dentists who promise ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatments can’t provide you with the care you need. We treat every patient as an individual. So, we take every factor when creating treatment plans.
  • We pride ourselves on our friendly approach: we want you to feel comfortable at all times, and that’s why we’ve filled our clinic with friendly, attentive staff that are there to provide you with first-class care.

How to Book a Dental X-Ray Appointment

If something doesn’t quite feel right, or you want a dental check-up, you’ve found the perfect place: Dr Olstein’s Dental Surgery. Best of all, getting in contact couldn’t be easier. You can call our friendly team on (03) 9998 2113, or complete our quick and easy online booking form.