The Benefits of Digital Smile Design

Are you interested in improving your smile, but unsure about making such a big commitment? Lucky for you, at Dr Olstein’s dental surgery, we offer the incredible service of Digital Smile Design. This service allows you to visualise how your teeth will look after your treatment. Through the use of photos, we can create a replica of the end product.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is an amazing tool, used during the planning of dental treatment. It allows you to see what your smile will look like before we even begin.

If you decide to use this amazing service, the first step is to book an appointment with Dr Olstein. During this visit, we will take a range of photos. These will then be used to create a visual simulation of what your smile will look like after our suggested treatment.

Of course, we will devise a treatment plan based on what we can see during your appointment. However, you will also have the opportunity to make any alterations and voice your opinion on your new smile.

Through the use of this process, Dr Olstein, and our expert team, will be able to fully understand your expectations. This allows us to provide a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and desires. The result of your Digital Smile Design will then become a visual treatment plan for you.

What Benefits Does it Offer?

There are a number of benefits with Digital Smile Design, the main one being that you get to see your smile before having any procedures performed on your teeth. Based on our experience, this results in a high degree of satisfaction amongst our patients. Once treatment is complete, all our patients are greeted with the beautiful new smile they’ve always wanted. Digital Smile Design ensures you have complete confidence in the treatment process.

This process also allows for a completely customised result. So, if you are opting for a treatment such as our full mouth reconstruction, you can be assured that your smile will be completely unique. By providing you with a unique, customised result, you know that your smile will look natural and compliment your overall appearance.

With over thirty years of experience in all types of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, Dr Olstein values the comfort of patients above all. We know that anxiety and phobias around dental treatments are a real thing. In fact, they are often more common than people realise. That is why we are so excited to provide our Digital Smile Design service. We have found that it helps to significantly decrease anxiety and stress amongst patients. We want you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable when you visit our Prahran clinic. 

Am I A Good Candidate for Digital Smile Design?

There is no one treatment that can fix everyone’s specific issues, which is where Digital Smile Design is so incredibly useful. If you are thinking about undergoing a full smile reconstruction, or a transformative treatment, then you are the perfect candidate for Digital Smile Design. Through the use of this service, you will be able to devise a carefully tailored treatment plan, with the assistance of Dr Olstein and the team.

If the treatment you want is more cosmetic and aesthetic based, then Digital Smile Design is perfect. It allows you to focus on what you want and need. The design process also allows us to be more precise when administering the procedure. This is because the desired result is tailored specifically to you, and nobody else.

Digital Smile Design is most beneficial as it can be tailored to meet the requirements of anybody. As the main aspect of the process centres around analysing an individual’s dental and facial proportions, it provides our team with a detailed understanding of the relationship between your lips, gums and teeth. This level of detail provides us with an added insight into the health and workings of your mouth.

If you are in need of cosmetic dentistry, or are simply interested in this process, book an appointment today or contact us to  obtain more information. This is a service that provides tailored, successful results and is sure to give you a reason to smile.