The Only Teeth Cleaning Guide You’ll Ever Need

Most of us (hopefully) have been brushing our teeth twice a day for as long as we can remember. It’s an integral part of our daily routine, and while it seems like a relatively simple process, it’s not as simple as smearing some paste on your brush and rubbing them across your teeth.

Keeping your teeth clean is an essential aspect of your oral and overall health, and here’s the guide you need to do the best possible job.


Get the Right Products

The worst thing you can do for your teeth is to get one of those ‘natural, fluoride-free’ brands. Yes, lemon and ginger, or charcoal flavoured toothpaste may look trendy, and you may have heard some bad things about fluoride, but in reality, you can’t keep your teeth clean unless you’re using regular old fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride is undeniably good for your teeth, and the amount in your toothpaste, mouthwash and even tap water is not going to harm your body. It’s a conspiracy theory, and don’t let your teeth pay the price for your gullibility.

Get Your Action Right

Again, everybody and every tooth are different so your dentist may offer some personal tweaks on this routine, but as a rule, you need to:

  • Brush twice a day for two minutes
  • Brush methodically, which means moving from one side to other and ensuring you don’t miss a single surface
  • Don’t brush too hard, your teeth and gums are sensitive, and just a light brush will be perfect for removing debris

You also need to time when you brush. Your nighttime brush should be just before you go to bed and an hour after eating. Make sure you don’t eat anything or drink anything but water after your nighttime brush, or you’ll just subject your teeth to more sugar, acid and potential debris.

Don’t Forget To Floss

Using mouthwash is a matter of personal preference, but flossing is a must. Your toothbrush cannot remove debris and plaque from in between your teeth and your gum line, and those remnants cause untold damage.

Flossing is easy, and if you have healthy gums, it won’t hurt. Just wind the floss around your fingers and gently ease it in between your teeth until you reach the gum line, give it a little flick and move it back down again. If you really don’t like flossing, invest in a water floss appliance.

Watch Your Diet

Even the best cleaning routine won’t be able to make up for a diet full of sugary, acidic and starchy foods. These foods will strip enamel from your teeth, and encourage the production of plaque and harmful bacteria that cause decay and infection.

You also need to limit snacking. Snacking throughout the day is at odds with our natural eating patterns, which should be based on meals and breaks. Constantly snacking means your teeth are constantly subjected to acid and sugar, which can make the pH levels of your mouth up to 60 times more acidic than if you stick to regular meal times.

You should also make water your primary drink. There is no benefit to drinking anything else but water except for taste. Make those types of drinks a rare treat.

Above all, sugar is the enemy, and it is hiding everywhere, including processed foods and supposedly ‘healthy’ foods like vegan and gluten-free treats. Stick to whole foods and water to keep your teeth clean.

You Need to Visit The Dentist

If you’re not visiting the dentist at least twice a year, your teeth aren’t clean. It doesn’t matter if you brush and floss with perfect form, only drink water, stay away from processed foods and never get your mouth pH out of whack, a professional clean at the dentist is the only way to keep your teeth truly clean.

A professional scale and clean removes plaque and tartar. The polish also removes any stains so you can enjoy bright/white teeth without paying for a whitening treatment.