Top 5 Sleep Dentistry Myths Laid to Rest

A trip to the dentist for many can create overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. In some cases, it can cause an all-out fear. In recent years, a new procedure called sleep dentistry has offered those with a phobia of the dentist chair an easy, highly relaxing and pain-free solution.

By putting patients under an anaesthetic or mild sedative, those who normally avoid the dentist can now have a calm and relaxing experience – even with the most invasive treatments. It has been changing the way people see dentistry and allowing everyone the opportunity to take care of their dental health without the panic that previously went with it.

Yet although it’s already helped people around the world put their fears to bed, a number of myths still float around which are keeping people off trying it. Unfortunately, they are either misconstrued, incomplete or just plain false.

So to set the record straight, and provide you with accurate information to inform your own decision, here are the top 5 sleep dentistry myths (and the truth about them).

Top 5 Sleep Dentistry Myths Laid to Rest

1. I’ll Be Asleep or Unconscious

Technically you’re not under general anaesthetic but for all intensive purposes it is very similar, that is you’ll be totally unaware of what’s going on and with no memory AT ALL of all the dental procedures.

2. It’s Not Performed in a Hospital – This Makes It Unsafe

Many people think sedation and anaesthetic in a dental clinic is unsafe because it’s not in a hospital. This is not the case at all. All safety equipment you would expect to be in a hospital is present in our dental clinic. Procedures, equipment and training for sedation in private practice dental clinic is maintained to high standards. It is the same as being put under for a treatment in a hospital, just without the high costs involved.

3. It’s New – It Could Be Dangerous

In the medical field, new equipment, techniques and procedures are easily perceived as dangerous and untested. This causes people to choose traditional methods instead without knowing the full story. Dr Olstein has been a leading sleep dentist in Melbourne from as early as 2006.

Sleep dentists actually use the same sedation and anaesthetic techniques as those used in hospitals – there is a highly qualified professional anaesthetist who looks after all patients. The only difference is they operate from a private dental practice instead.

4. It’s Only Available for Major Procedures or People with Anxiety

This is completely false. Sleep dentistry is available for any procedure in the dentist’s chair. From fillings and root canals to more complex dental surgeries, sedation can make the process painless, relaxing and finished before you know it.

You don’t need to show particular signs of fear or anxiety for this type of treatment – there are no tests! It’s available for everyone and can help take the edge off your dental visit. It’s completely safe, and if it means more dentist visits to improve your health, all the better!

5. It Can Complicate the Procedure

Sleep dentistry does not make procedures harder to perform, nor does it complicate them.

All sleep dentistry is performed by a professional anaesthetist. This means you’re always in very safe hands. It also frees up sleep dentist in Melbourne Dr Olstein to focus on what he does best – providing exceptional dentistry treatments and care for his clients. Also contrary to popular belief, sedation dentistry doesn’t take much longer than regular appointments. It only extends your procedure by 20-30 minutes, at the very most.

As you can see, the biggest sleep dentistry myths are actually false and completely unfounded. It’s actually a very safe, relaxing, popular and easy option available for everyone who suffers from a phobia of the dentist.

What are you waiting for? If you think sedation dentistry could help you relax in the dentist chair and put your fear and anxiety at ease, it might be time to give it a try. Contact Dr Olstein and his friendly team for further details.

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