What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Your mouth is like every other part of your body. As a result of age, trauma and a variety of other factors, it can become tired and worn out. Your teeth may begin to yellow or crack and tooth decay can increase. Your gums might begin to suffer, or you could lose bone density in your jaws. While this can be a natural part of ageing and life, there is no need to succumb to any of these dental health issues.

Full mouth reconstructions offer a way out. They are mostly the same as knee or hip reconstructions because a variety of techniques are used to bring the mouth back to full function. Reconstructions are also a form of cosmetic dentistry, and they can be used for aesthetic purposes.


Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Options

In most cases, a reconstruction will consist of a number of treatments, including:

  • Crowns and Bridges: Perhaps the most common impact of ageing and trauma is cracked, worn and weakened teeth. Crowns and bridges restore teeth to proper function, which prevents the need for extraction further down the track. They can also be used to address misshapen teeth. Thanks to CEREC technology, this treatment can be completed in just one appointment. Once the crown or bridge has been fitted, it looks and works exactly like a regular tooth.
  • Implants: A missing tooth or teeth creates a whole host of issues. Of course, it is a source of embarrassment, but it also creates functional problems. When a tooth is missing, all the force of chewing is placed on other teeth, which only leads to further loss. If you don’t want empty gums, you should invest in implants. They are the most effective and permanent fix for missing teeth, and they look incredible. All on 4 treatments are perfect for anyone with poor fitting existing denture or teeth with hopeless prognosis.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are a popular full mouth reconstruction treatment because they achieve so much. These thin slivers of porcelain are shaped and fitted to the teeth. They cover up stains and give teeth the uniformity required to cover up irregularities.
  • Teeth Whitening: Not many of us enjoy perfectly white teeth all the way into adulthood. Age, diet, lifestyle, medications and even illnesses all cause discolouration which effects the overall aesthetic of your teeth. Both at-home and in-chair professional treatments are incredibly useful. They work by bleaching the teeth, to remove stains and restore the original whiteness of your teeth.

What is Involved in a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The first step in a full mouth reconstruction will always involve a consultation. This is essential for setting out your goals, as well as allowing your dentist to assess the health of your mouth. One aspect of this step will be the digital smile design.

Imagine being able to look into the future, and see how your teeth and mouth will look following the reconstruction. A digital smile design gives you this power.

Your dentist just has to take a picture of you, and it is then digitally-altered to show the effects of each procedure. You can see how you will look after any of the treatments listed above. Once you have seen the picture, you and your dentist can discuss a treatment plan to achieve your reconstruction goals.

Why Opt for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is one of those rare treatments that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits:

  • Save Your Remaining Teeth: Weakened, missing or damaged teeth can lead to a loss of bone density and further tooth loss. Any reconstruction that strengthens or replaces teeth, like implants or crowns is an investment in your remaining teeth.
  • Restore Function: Everyone deserves to eat, talk and swallow with complete comfort. A full mouth reconstruction will restore normal function to your mouth, so you enjoy the perfect bite.
  • Confidence: If you have confidence in your smile, it will flow on to every other facet of your life. Just imagine entering social occasions and feeling completely comfortable to smile, pose for photos and engage in conversation. If you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

A full mouth reconstruction is essentially a ticket to a rejuvenated mouth. When you think about how much you use your teeth and gums, you’ll soon realise that this is an incredible advantage.

Thanks to digital smile design, you’ll even get a look into the future! It really is an investment in your health, so stop dreaming about the perfect smile. See it, and start working towards it with a full mouth reconstruction.

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