What is Tooth Equilibration?

If you have ever had trouble with teeth grinding or jaw joint pain, a tooth equilibration could be just what the doctor (or dentist) ordered.

The procedure is a bit of a tongue twister, but equilibration is a crucial and sometimes life-changing treatment that can solve very common issues when it comes to dental pain.

Jaw problems can come in several forms. Sometimes it can start hurting for no clear reason. Other times, a clicking noise can suddenly be heard, or a similar popping sound or an uncomfortable grating. Or, if you grind your teeth habitually, you might begin noticing your jaw feeling a bit more painful than usual or discomfort in your facial muscles. It’s like any muscle in the body that is over used.

Whatever the reason, jaw issues are never fun. They affect your quality of life in little ways by making it stressful to eat or drink, sleep well at night or even talk during the day. The more they’re prolonged without seeing a dentist, the worse they become.

Thankfully, tooth equilibration is a proven method a dentist can use to sort out these problems and best of all, it’s usually completely pain-free.

What Is Tooth Equilibration?

Tooth equilibration is a simple dental procedure that adjusts the way that your top and bottom teeth work together at the same time as having the jaw joints in their most relaxed position.

It’s used to fix the problems behind teeth grinding, jaw pain and a misaligned bite, as well as being used as an initial procedure when fitting veneers.

It works to make sure one tooth or the alignment of your jaw is the right size and shape to not prevent the upper and lower joints from coming together properly.

If you bite down and only one or a few of your teeth, let’s say the bottom ones, make contact with your top joint at resting position, problems are created. If this happens it means all the force of your lower jaw is directed on to these teeth only. It’s more than they can structurally hold up to.

As a result, we usually try to compensate by bringing our jaw together on an angle – so all the teeth can meet to rest. But if they’re on an angle, the jaw can slide, resulting in a misaligned jaw and teeth. This makes teeth wear excessively, or chip or crack…and further changes the jaw alignment as we try to find a way to make it comfortable. And that makes your jaw click, pop or grate.

A tooth equilibration procedure repairs all of symptoms at the source of the issue – the balance of your teeth.

What Is Involved In The Treatment?

Unlike some other more complex procedures, a tooth equilibration is a very simple and easy treatment. The best news, of course, is also that it’s pain-free and doesn’t require any complex equipment.

After making a proper examination and assessment of your jaw alignment and condition of your teeth, your dentist will create a suitable course of action. This will involve a reshaping of the biting surface on upper and lower joints when the jaw is in its most relaxed position.

The dentist will use simple dental tools to grind down the incline of different areas of the teeth to change the incline of the bite. This is free from pain because the tooth enamel is only affected – the treatment doesn’t involve gums, nerves or tissue. There’s no sensitivity, and it doesn’t take very long at all.

The result is a balanced and correctly shaped mouth that allows both jaw joints to rest on each other without pain or problems. In the case of veneers, it provides an important support that prevents chipping or breakage of the tooth.

Who Should Have Tooth Equilibration?

Tooth equilibration is an ideal choice for:

  1. People suffering from a painful jaw
  2. People hearing clicking, popping or grating from the joint
  3. Habitual teeth grinders who are feeling pain
  4. Patients requiring veneers
  5. To relieve stress/strain of facial muscles and also relieve some headaches and neck aches.

If you are experiencing any of the above, this could be the procedure for you. It’s quick, simple and pain-free, and can clear up the uncomfortable jaw issues that can prevent you from enjoying your day-to-day life.

What’s more, the longer you leave these types of jaw problems, the higher risk you run of them progressing and becoming much worse. If it reaches a chronic point, it might require the assistance of a specialist to fix the issue with a complex surgical procedure.

It’s highly recommended that these symptoms are investigated by a dentist and a treatment like tooth equilibration used to stop the pain at its source.

We offer a comprehensive and professional tooth equilibration at our Prahran clinic. Contact one of our friendly team today for a free consultation, and can make a full assessment on your teeth to see if this treatment is right for you.